After nearly 20 years providing a great Zelda community, I’ve made the difficult decision to place Zelda Sages in hibernation. This was not an easy decision, but it is one I feel is right.

Zelda Sages began in 2004 and fully launched in 2006 with the intent of being both an information resource for fans and a strong online community. Zelda Sages had a strong community for many years, even with the onset of large social media platforms, but changing times and circumstances made it more difficult to upkeep the community. I’m older, with a family, and have responsibilities in my work and community that no longer allow me the time to manage everything.

I know many personal lives were positively impacted by Zelda Sages, including getting into college and falling in love; It’s stories like these that make stopping active development on Zelda Sages so difficult. It was, for me, more than a creation. The skills I learned through managing Zelda Sages, and I know the same is true for the staff, helped me offer unique skills that allowed me to enter a fantastic career. Likewise so many friendships were formed, and many continue to this day.

As a way to ensure you have access to your content – the forum will remain active. User registration is turned off, but those with accounts can continue to post. If you’re reading this and want to join the forums, please fill out a contact form with your information and I’ll make you an account. The CMS, or the main Zelda Sages website, is a bit trickier. I’ve done my best to preserve data in this new platform in a sort of archival mode, but I can no longer substantiate running the CMS. The company that made the platform is out of business, and for those with tech know-how this thing will not run beyond PHP 5. Moral of the story, rather than risk getting hacked I took it down. I will retain a copy of the database, so if you do need something and can’t find it here let me know and I’ll do my best to pull it for you.

Additionally, The Legend of Zelda Sages will continue to be hosted here. This game was designed for Windows Vista and Windows 7 and there may come a time where it simply doesn’t work anymore. However, please enjoy!

I’m also not totally going away. Zelda Sages is receiving maintenance (bug fixes, upgrades, etc) as-needed. And if the community comes back, I can dedicate time to making sure things run smoothly. I still do this stuff as a hobby, and I have a few projects going on that spark similar joy to my work on Zelda Sages.

On behalf of all the staff, we wish you goodbye for now. Sheik said it best in The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time, the game that inspired me to make Zelda Sages all those years ago, “Time passes, people move. Like a river’s flow, it never ends… ”

All the best,

Webmaster Bob