Zeldasages.com Review by Versac

Called to action by Princess Zelda our hero sets out to investigate a disturbance. However, soon a shadowy figure tricks the poor soul into releasing the Four Sword and the hold on the dark wizard Vaati from his prison. Only the one who pulled the Four Sword could ever hope to set things straight.

This game has only a cookie-cutter storyline. Its strengths lie elsewhere, and the storyline is just that Shadow Link captures Zelda and the six maidens and escapes to the Four Sword Sanctum. Link follows, and is forced to draw the Four Sword and release Vaati to combat Shadow Link. Vaati then wrecks havoc across the land, and Link must free Zelda and the six maidens to stop him. After Vaati’s defeat at the end of the game, he summons Ganon in a last ditch effort to defeat Link. Due to the sparse storyline, this game only gets a 4/10.

Gameplay is the game’s strong suit. The ability to control multiple Links at the same time is revolutionary, and the formation system is an excellent technique. The vast array of items of two power levels is fun and innovative, and the return of nearly-forgotten classics such as the Fire Rod gives Link a huge assortment of ways to slay evil. The puzzles are everywhere, and the four-Link system makes for puzzles that can be both long and multi-leveled. Overall, the combat, puzzles, and weapons makes for a extremely enjoyable experience. Easily a 10/10.

Four Sword Adventures is nothing special when it come to sound, with solid music and sound effects remixed from other games. Keeping the tried and true songs gets a 8/10.

This is another of the game’s strong points. It is mainly the same graphics style as Minish Cap and Four Sword Adventure, but the occasional element from Wind Waker will pop up when you’re least expecting it. The GNC shows its power with things like explosions, fire effects, portals, and shockwaves. The mixing of old and new gets a 10/10.

Four Sword Adventures boasts excellent gameplay, but much of its true fun lies in multiplayer, which requires several extra GNC-GBA cables, and the GBAs themselves. The lack of a decent story makes this a game score low on the charts, but it gives only a feeble jab at a story before falling back on its gameplay. It is a good game to buy if you have both money and time, but other games should come first.

*Scores weighed differently, total 100%*