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In the great Kingdom of Hyrule there is a legend of a great war. The great imprisoning war as it was known caused an evil foe Ganon to be sealed away in the Sacred Realm. However, there he was able to find the Triforce and turn this sacred place into a foul wasteland known as the Dark World. In the land of Hyrule almost overnight the king’s servant, Agahnim, murders the king and takes control of the palace guards and the kingdom at whole. One by one Agahnim sends maidens to the Dark World slowly weakening the seal that binds the worlds apart. There is only one hero strong enough to save the day…~

The Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past introduced the Legend of Zelda game formula in the form we know it as today. It was the first game to feature a full in-game story with a divulging story full of many quests and paths to take. The game was the first in the Zelda series to also truly showcase Hyrule as the medieval era that it was and bring to life Miyamoto’s creations. With the power of the SNES as well the game’s appearance allow players to much better distinguish Link as an individual and the surrounding environment of Hyrule.