Great Fairy’s Mask
One of the first masks you will receive in the game. Once you have traveled back in time and no longer forced to be a Deku Shrub complete finding the fairy’s broken shard in Clock Town again. When returning this time she will reward you with the Great Fairy Mask, a mask which will attract broken fairy shards in dungeons to you.

Bremen Mask
One of the easier and more fun masks of the game. During Night 1 or 2 enter the Clock Town Laundry Pool. You’ll see a grinder (wonder why the inn kicked him out). Speak to him and he will tell you a story. At its completion you will earn this mask which will allow you to make your own parade.

Bunny Hood
The Bunny Hood is really one of the masks you should be certain to obtain. Note that you must have the Bremen Mask to complete this quest. On any day during the day visit Romani Ranch and run to the back of the field to visit the cuco hut. Once inside speak to the poor man sitting on the stump. Listen to his sad tale, then throw on the Bremen Mask and prepare to march. Begin marching and march around the stable to collect the small baby cucos. You must remain marching during the entire process. Each time you collect another cuco you will hear a confirmation beep, each time getting louder until you are done collecting. When you have found all the baby’s they will grow into full sized cucos and you will be rewarded with the Bunny Hood a mask which lets you run much faster then normal.

Blast Mask
The blast mask can be obtained only during Night 1. Go to North Clock Town at around 11 at night and equip the Bunny Hood (the Bunny Hood is optional but gets things done quicker). At about 12:30 at night a cutscene will accrue where a thief will steel an old lady’s merchandise. Run behind the thief and use your sword to cut away the bag. When all is over the women will reward you with the Blast Mask. Don’t have bombs? Fear not, with this mask and a small portion of your health you can still act like demolition worker and make things explode.

Kamaro’s Mask
Here’s one of the most …..interesting masks in the game. During any night take a trip to North Termina field and hop onto the large mushroom shaped rocks and listen for the music. Hop along until you find a strange man. Speak to him and hear his story. After this play the Song of Healing for him and he will give you his final dance in mask form. If you ever feel like getting your grove on in front of some nice women in West Clock Town during night 2 or so (HINT HINT) give it a try.:)

Mask of Scents
You must earn this mask during a 3 day period you completed the Woodfall Temple. If you restarted time go to the temple and you can instantly fight the boss due to Nintendo being very smart and putting in the boss remains feature. Anyway, go outside the Deku Palace and follow the set of lily pads going out to the left and enter the newly opened cave. Speak to the butler and he will offer to race you. You don’t have to actually win the race, but you must keep up. Simply run and get around the obstacles which range from fire walls to pits of death and rolling boulders. It may take a few tries but once you succeed he will tell you a sad story about his son and give you the Mask of Scents. This mask will allow you to find hidden fungi to create potions with.

Mask of Truth
To achieve the Mask of Truth you must complete the Swamp Spider House located in the Southern Swamps. A complete guide to doing so can be found in our walk-through. Once obtained this mask will allow you to read into people and animals minds and speak to gossip stones.

Don Gero’s Mask
As Goron Link enter the Mountain Village and enter the Goron Shrine. Equip the Bunny Hood and get out a deku stick and light all the torches scattered throughout the shrine. Once you do the large chandelier at the roof of the shrine will begin to spin. Re-equip the Goron Mask and run to the top of the stairs. Roll into a ball and begin to drive Goron Link forward into the spinning frenzy and launch off the strangely ramp shaped banister and hit one of the pots. It may take a few tried but once you hit the right pot (and a pot at all for that matter) you will create a large chunk of rock sirloin. Pick this up and Carry it out of the shrine, across the lake and near the log cabin and you will see a shivering Goron. Speak to him, then throw the rock slab up to him. He will munch with joy and give you the Don Gero’s Mask, which will allow you to communicate with ….frogs. Wow, all that work for this, well, it better at least eventually earn you a heart piece….

Kafei’s Mask
A very simple to achieve mask which you will need to initiate the longest sub quest in the game later on. On Day 1 between 10 am and 8pm visit the Mayor’s office and go to the room on the right. Speak to the mistress there and agree to help her and you will receive the mask. It serves no purpose but to initiate a key plot creator later on.

Romani’s Mask
One of the more involved masks which involves a few day process. You must have completed the Snowhead Temple and been certified to carry Powder Kegs. Go to West Clock Town on Day 1 and buy a Powder Keg from the Goron at the bomb shop. Then, go to Romani Ranch, or the bolder blocking it at least, and set the keg next to the bolder to have it explode. Enter the ranch and speak to the small girl Romani. She will eventually tell you about aliens and you must say you believe her and you want to help. Complete the horseback bow challenge shooting balloons and you will also obtain Epona.. Follow her instructions and come to the barn at 2:30. She will speak then a sequence will eventually accrue outdoors. You must run around shooting Aliens until about 5 when they will disappear. DON”T LET THEM IN THE BARN OR YOU WILL FAIL THE MISSION! If you run out of arrows use the crate or bushes for more. Also, don’t ride Epona while shooting. It may look cool, but it doesn’t help. The aliens also come from all sides so be ready to defend. If you have a map of the region, you can spot the alien locations as white dots on your map, which should make it easier to pin down where they are. Once completed, speak to Romani’s sister on the second day around 10 am and she will ask you to accompany her to deliver milk. At a little before 6 pm meet her in front of the ranch and be prepared. The Gorman brothers disguised as clan wannabe’s will attack the poor women’s milk. When they get close fire an arrow at them to hold them back. The milk must live! If you complete everything successfully you will receive the Romani Mask which will give you access to the Milk Bar. You may even get a hug.

Circus Leader’s Mask

To obtain this mask you must have earned all the transformation masks and the Romani Mask. Enter the Milk Bar on night one or two from 10 until morning. Talk to a man who looks strangely like the Gorman’s and then speak to the Zora Toto. He will instruct you what to do. Then, speak to Toto as each other form Zora, Goron, Deku, and you will eventually recreate the Ballad of the Windfish, a classic moving song from Link’s Awakening. The Gorman will be so moved by the song he will give you a mask expressing his emotions. This mask is really useless unless you want to ride with Crema again on her milk delivery. Wearing it will cause the Gorman’s not to attack you.

Stone Mask
First, obtain a red or blue potion. Get on Epona and jump the fence in East Termina Field to enter Ikana Junction. Jump the fences and you will eventually see a circle of stones. Equip the Lens of Truth to see a poor forgotten solider. Talk to him and when prompted push start and select the potion then give it to him. He will gain new strength and give you the mask he was wearing for years the Stone Mask. This will render you invisible to enemies, I wonder why you couldn’t see him…

Garo’s Mask
This strange mask can be earned by beating the Gorman Brothers in a horse race. With Epona on any day speak to the brothers and agree to race them. Try to stay on the inside of the track, use carrots sparingly, and use all jumps as they will increase your speed. When you win they will give you the mask. You must use this to be able to enter Ikana Canyon. It also allows you to pass my Redeads safely and speak to the mysterious Garo race.

All Night Mask
To achieve this mask follow the instructions for the Blast Mask in stopping the thief from robbing the women. The mask will go on sale the third night at the curiosity shop for 500 big ones. Wearing it allows you to stay awake during the Grandmother of the Stock Pot Inn’s long stories.

Keaton Mask
This is one of the masks achievable through the Anji Kafei sub quest. First, on day one at 1:50-4:00 pm enter the Stock Pot Inn and say you have a reservation and agree to receive the room key. Watch the postman deliver a letter to her and then put on your Kafei Mask and speak to Anji. Agree to help her and meet her in the kitchen at 11:30 that night (it will take her a bit to get down). Once you speak to her and agree she will give you a letter. Run outside and mail this letter via a red postbox before morning. The next day go to the laundry pool and watch and see who received the letter. At 4:15 the usually locked door of the far end of the Laundry Pool will be open. Enter the door and run up the stairs to see who this person really is. He will give you the Pendant of Memories. On Day 2 from 5 to 9 pm deliver the pendant to Anji at the Stock Pot Inn. Now, here’s where that turn happens where you get the mask but everything else will fall apart. Go to the Laundry Pool and enter the door at 12 in the morning and look through the glass to see an argument with the thief. The next day between 1 and 10 at night enter the back door again to receive the Keaton Mask and a letter after talking to the store owner. The Keaton Mask when worn will enable you to complete an interesting heart piece explained in the Heart Guide. Also, keep the letter, look at the next mask to see why.

Postman’s Cap
Now, if you listened to the instructions at the end of getting the Keaton Mask you are good. If you went back in time shame on you, do absolutely everything listed in the Keaton Mask again. Now, after you receive the letter go to West Clock Town and go to the post office. Hand deliver the letter to the postman and he will gladly make his final delivery. Follow him to the Milk Bar where he will give the letter to Madame Aroma. She will set him free of duty and he will run with joy. Run outside to talk to him before he leaves Clock Town and he will give you the Postman’s Cap. This will allow you to now legally search mailboxes whenever you feel like it, at least in this game anyway.

Couples Mask
This is it, the big part of the Anji Kafei scenario. Follow all steps listed in the Keaton Mask, however DO NOT TALK TO THE CURIOSITY SHOP MAN!!! Instead make a trip to Ikana Canyon on Day three. Go to the river where you would need to freeze the Octorocks to cross and turn right and you will eventually find Kafei behind a slab of rocks. Talk to him and agree to help. Duck and hide behind the rocks with him and at 6 to 7 pm the thief will open his lair if he does not see you so stay hidden. Run in after Kafei and you will eventually accidentally step on a switch causing his wedding mask to slowly roll down a conveyor belt of doom. Now, you will be controlling both Kafei and Link throughout this. Link will fight enemies and Kafei will solve puzzles. Link is self explanatory, fight the enemies, however here are the solutions to the puzzles. For the first puzzle simply push the far left block forward onto the green switch. In the second room navigate around the switches and step on the green switch. In the last push the first block on the far left down onto the first green switch, then run to the right and push the far right block down onto the green switch, then run the the new opened path and “accidental step on the red switch” and push the center clock to the left. Then, push the block that was under this down onto the final green switch. When both Link and Kafei are in the final room and step on the last two switches the mask is saved, unless you were stupid and let yourself fail the mission. After this warp back to Clock Town and enter the Stock Pot Inn. Employee’s Only room. Stay and wait with Anji (you gave her the pendant like the prior instructions said right ;)) and eventually Kafei will come (don’t be afraid about time he will come). When they meet they will exchange wedding masks and create the Couple’s Mask, a beautiful white mask created from their true love for each other. Now that you snagged the mask travel back in time and give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done.

Captain’s Hat
Go to the end of the Ikana Graveyard and play the Sonata of Awakening in front of a large skull. You will awaken Captain Keta. HE will challenge you to a race. Run and defeat his minions to pass through the firewall and fire arrows at him to slow him down. When you win he will grant you his hat which will give you the ability to control his minions.

Gibdos Mask
This is achieved after following the restoration of water to Ikana. Sneak into the large music house and run to the bottom floor to a cabinet. You will be “attacked” by a crazy man in toilet paper. Play the song of healing for a touching scene and the Gibdo mask. With this mask you can speak to Gibdo’s as well as Redeads and with the added bonus of Gibdo’s not attacking you.

Giants Mask
Obtained during the Stone Tower Temple see the walk-through. With this mask in the Twinmold boss room you can turn into a giant to fight the evil worm.

Fierce Deity Mask
This is the most powerful mask in the game. To achieve this Mask you must have collected ALL the other masks. In the final level of the game The Moon there are four children bearing the remains of bosses you have fought. You must offer your masks to them to enter a dungeon of their creation which will test your skill in a specific area. See the walk-through for completing these dungeons. If you complete the dungeons then talk to the child near the tree wearing Majora’s Mask as you would normally to enter the final battle. However, his reaction will be different as you have no masks to fight with, so, being a child will give you the Fierce Deity’s Mask. This mask allows you to literally turn into a God like warrior. You become the size of an adult Link, wear an awesome pair of armor, and have an incredibly powerful sword that can shoot beams of light onto targets. Interestingly, the blade is in the shape of the symbol of infinity. However, you can only use this inside boss battles, but that doesn’t matter, it’s still awesome to kill Odolwa with just three hits :). This will also turn the normally treacherous, almost impossible, battle with Majora’s Mask into a very easy fight.  Remember now that completing the fifth dungeon is optional and you do not need to obtain the Fierce Deity Mask to complete the game.