Golden Ship Parts
The rare and powerful golden ship parts can be difficult to obtain; acquiring a full set of golden ship parts will not only pimp your ship, but turn it into a powerhouse of destruction.  The only way to unlock these ship parts is to complete four “Big Plays” in Battle Mode per part.  When you achieve each set of four you will be sent a letter that a ship part is available on Cannon Island.  Below is the list of all “Big Plays”.

Big Play Name   How to Achieve 
Battle MasterComplete the Big Plays “Limit” and “Master” in the same match.
BreakBreak 10 or more of your opponent’s helpful items.
Get EverythigWin, turning all the Force Gems your color.
GuardianWin without letting your opponent score any points.
Guardian KingTake Link down 3 times as the Phantoms.
LimitDefeat Link within the last 20 seconds twice.
MasterComplete the Big Plays “No Miss” and “Guardian” in the same match.
MiracleWin with a final score of 1-0.
No DribbleWin without dropping a Force Gems outside a base or safe zone.
No ItemsWin without taking a single item.
No MissWin without being taken down as Link.
PerfectComplete the Big Plays “Get Everything” and “Guardian” in the same match.
Perfect MasterComplete the Big Plays “Perfect” and “Limit” in the same match.
QuickWin a match, felling Link in the first 20 seconds of two turns.
SoloDefeat Link in any one turn using only one Phantom.
TakePick up 10 or more of your helpful items.