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~On the island of Outset it is tradition young men upon their 12th birthday wear the green tunic of the legged Hero of Time. It has been over one-hundred years since the hero was last seen, although he was always remembered as a great warrior and savior of the great land of Hyrule. Now, it is the 12th birthday of a young boy Link. All seemed to be going well until his young sister was suddenly snatched away by a monstrous bird. From a simple mission to save the one he loves Link will find himself in a world once forgotten, a world buried by legend.~

The Legend of Zelda the Windwaker is considered the most controversial Legend of Zelda game to date. Players around the world were shocked to discover the game would use a graphic technique known as cel-shading, giving the game a cartoon look. Outraged fans dubbed the game “kiddie” or “celda”. However, when the game’s release came about opinions changed and the game was enjoyed by millions of happy Zelda fans worldwide. Also interestingly, the game’s ultimate plot is one that many fans would not expect. Several shocking moments in the game and the most devastatingly ending in any Legend of Zelda game to date created an uproar of theories and stories amongst the fan community.