Annoying room in Level 2
This entry has been requested so here it is. In Level 2, there is a room with a Pols Voice (bunny thing), Shrouded Stalfos (guy in blue robe), and a Keese (bat). The enemies in this room must be defeated in a certain order in order to proceed. First, release the Pols Voice and throw a pot at it to kill it (or play the ocarina from wherever in the room). Then eliminate the Keese, and finally, the Stalfos. This will cause a chest containing the Nightmare Key to appear.

Early access to Turtle Rock (Level 8)
It is possible to get past the flamethrower that guards the passage to Turtle Rock without using the Mirror Shield by dying while holding a Secret Medicine. While your hearts are refilling, you are invincible and can walk right through the flames! However, this leaves you at the mercy of the last dungeon with no recovery items, and is not recommended. It is, however, a great bonus to get the magic rod early.

Totaka’s Song
If you wait in Richard’s villa for a while, the music will change to Totaka’s Song. This game has been in many games, and will probably appear in more.

Stealing from the Shop
It is possible to steal items from the shop for free if you run around the shopkeeper, but beware: the shopkeeper will INSTANTLY kill you the next time you enter. There is no defense against his blast, and you are guaranteed a game over. In addition, your name will change to THEIF and you will obtain photo #7.

Photo Shop
Just north of the witch’s house is a photo shop. You can enter only when not being followed by somebody (Bow Wow, Marin, the ghost, or the rooster), and you should start this as soon as Bow Wow is dognapped. The pictures can be printed using the Gameboy Printer. The photos can be collected as follows:

  •     Taken when you first enter. You get an alternate picture if you keep refusing to have your picture taken.
  •     Go to the cliff in the very south-west corner of the map when being followed by Marin.
  •     Leap into the well north of the two boys playing catch in Mabe. If Marin is following you, she will land on you for another perfect photo opportunity.
  •     Visit the statue of the Flying Rooster while being followed by Marin.
  •     Peek into the right window of Grandpa Ulrira’s house for yet another photo.
  •     Walk by Bow Wow after rescuing him from the Moblins.
  •     Get this by stealing from the shop. Details above.
  •     Return to the fisherman who gave you the mermaid’s necklace once you have the magnifying glass.
  •     Go to the house in the north-west part of Animal Village once you have the magnifying glass to find the game’s only friendly Zora.
  •     Approach the castle’s drawbridge from the outside before it is lowered (you may have to accept the mission from Richard first).
  •     Approach the gravestone after returning the ghost to it.
  •     After rescuing Marin from the bridge in the Tal Tal Mountains, proceed right until you reach the east most bridge where the final picture is taken.

Level 2 Sword
Go to Seashell Manor once you have 20 secret seashells to receive the powerful level 2 sword. It also has the familiar ability to fire beams of energy when at full health. All remaining seashells will disappear, and ones found in chests will be replaced with 20 rupees.

The Ultimate Weapon
Go to the beach and bomb the cracked wall there. If you have the magnifying glass, you will see a person there. He will give you the boomerang, but you will have to give him one of your items in return. He will not accept some items, but you do have the ability to trade back an unlimited number of times. The recommended item to trade is the shovel, because its uses are limited. The boomerang stuns most enemies or kills them in one hit. It’s most powerful use is on the final boss: it can slay Dethl in one hit, or you can spend 25 bow shots like a commoner.

Marin Extras
While Marin is following you, there are two little side things that are inconsequential, but somewhat entertaining. If you bring her to the Trendy Game, you will be charged 10 rupees for an outstanding display of skill. Also, she will sold you for attacking cucoos, but every once in a while (about 1:20) she will encourage the random poultry abuse.

The Color Dungeon
There is a book in the Mable library in the DX version that can only be accessed once you have the Pegasus Boots. This book will show you a diagram of gravestones to push in a series of certain directions. Go to the south-east part of the cemetery and follow the instructions to access the color dungeon. You must have completed a few dungeons to access it, (three usually works) but the boss’ regeneration is difficult to overcome without the bow or level 2 sword. Your reward for beating the dungeon is either the red clothes, which doubles (stacks with level 2 sword for quadruple) you sword strength, or the blue clothes, which halve all damage you take. These also stack with pieces of power or guardian acorns for either a quarter damage or quadruple attack power. It is possible using the level 2 sword, red clothes, a piece of power, and a spin attack to deal 16 times as much damage as a normal swing in one blow.

Explosive Arrows
For a quick little attack power boost, use the bomb and the bow at the same time to attach the bomb to the arrow’s head to create a ranged explosive.