Control Cuccos
In previous Legend of Zelda games, attacking a cucco earned you a one way ticket to death. However, attacking a cucco in Twilight Princess will allow you to take temporary control of the cucco. You can move with the control stick and push A to flutter in the air a bit.

Reduce Required Donation Amount for Malo-Mart
After you donate enough rupees to fix the bridge into Castle Town, Malo opens a new fund to start a shop in Castle Town. This shop is the only place to purchase the magic armor. Of course, the shop needs about 2000 rupees in donations. You can reduce this by first paying theGoron inside Malo-Mart about 100 rupees. Once done, talk to the elder outside the shop and complete the hot spring quest. Once you return to Malo-Mart, you will only have to pay in 200 rupees for the Castle Town branch to open. Looks like the elder was so happy he took up some of the tab.

Turn Night to Day
Sadly, Twilight Princess lacks a suns song. However, for those of you scared of the dark there is a simple solution. Once you get the Sky Cannon operational simply enter the heavens and return to Lake Hylia. Regardless of the previous time, you will always enter in daylight.

Speed Boost Epona Immediately After Mounting
Walk behind Epona’s rear and run forward. When the action icon changes leap onto Epona from her rear and push forward. You will gallop as if you whipped Epona, allowing a quick escape from dangerous situations.

Perform Spinning Sword Move Seen in Trailers
In the teaser trailers and some cut-scenes in Twilight Princess Link performs a move where he swings his sword 360 degrees to his side and sticks it into his sheath. You can perform this great piece of eye candy right after obtaining the Mortal Draw skill. Use the mortal draw skill on an enemy then immediately put your sword away. Link will put his sword away in this very eye catching way. We’ve also found that you can perform this move by pushing A to put away your sword imediatly after the explosion animation, however the Mortal Draw methoed is a bit easier. We will note that although we have tried, this cool little easter egg won’t improve your own sword skills; we’ll leave those to Link.

The Infamous Cannon Room Glitch
Right after obtaining all the Sky Book characters and returning to the Kakariko Sanctuary progress as you would normaly by showing the book, then proceeding down the steps to the Sky Cannon room. Once there, save your game, then reset the game. Open the file you just saved and you will appear back in the cannon room, however, Shad will not be in the room. When you talk to Midna to warp the cannon to Lake Hylia, Shad will apparently still appear somewhere in the room, leaving you unable to warp. However, Shad is still nowhere in the room. After experimenting people belive he is standing in the same spot where you showed him the Sky Book. At this point, you will be stuck in this room…forever. People have tried killing themselves, flipping out,using every item they have, and are unable to escape.


Ending Credits Secret
Like Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask, certain aspects of the credits are effected by the areas you visited or the actions you did throughout the game. In Twilight Princess, how much of the game you completed dictates some of the areas shown and actions accruing in the ending credits. Some are very minor, such as faries appearing in the springs if you completed the Cave of Ordeals. Others are much larger and tie up many loose ends in the many sub-plots throughout the game. We won’t spoil anything, but try to get as many pieces of heart and complete as many side activities as you can to get the most out of watching text fly by.

Fish with Worms
You always have your lore to fish with, however wouldn’t it be great if you could use live bait? Well, now you can! In the fishing hole turn into Wolf Link and go near the sign out near the hut. You’ll notice three mounds to dig into. Dig in the mounds and you will find worms to use as live bait.

Links to the Past
There are so many references to past Zelda games it’s not even funny. Actually, it is funny, and very cool. Some actually serve a purpose in the game, some on the other hand are there for your recreation. Just as a few examples, go to the fishing hut and use c to look around at the photos on the wall. Look at the photo of a man on the far left and Iza will explain that this was the greatest fishermen in all of Hyrule. She also claims to be related to him. Who is this man? For those of us who played Ocarina of Time, this is the same man that ran the Fishing Hole in Ocarina of Time. Another can be found in Kakariko. Go to the graveyard and you’ll see large sign broken on the ground. On comparison with the Ocarina of Time graveyard sign *and yes we are that crazy* the lettering is exactly the same. You can also find the signs of the three spiritual stones from Ocarina of Time, the Kokiri Emerald on a tree near the Forest Temple, the Goron Ruby on a rock at the top of a short path near the Death Mt. Spa Spring, and the Zora’s Saphire on a gravestone at the far end of the graveyard *which will dissapear after completing the Lakebed escort quest*. These are just a few of many references which fans can find to bring in the nostalgia.

Castle Town Goodies
If you have never taken the time to simply run around Castle Town, you need to. There are many hidden goodies all over Castle Town for you to discover. If you beat the STAR minigame talk to the three girls outside the store. They will each scream and run, leaving you three hearts in their place. At night, go to West Castle Town where you will find a bone, and a dog. If you pick up the bone, the dog will follow you, and you can play a game of fetch. You can also go to Central Castle Town and you will at times see a small instrumental and vocal band playing. Besides being nice, transforming into Wolf Link will send the townspeople running and reveal what type of men the soldiers truly are. You can also do something as simple as play a game of fetch with a dog near the doctor’s office to be rewarded. Maybe throwing the bone in the small brush outside the office will get you something, who knows.

Find the Postman
Throughout Twilight Princess, the postman will always come delivering your mail and news from friends. However, did you ever wonder what he does in his spare time? Thus far, we have found the postman in four locations throughout Hyrule. The first is in your home town of Ordon. Go to the Ordon Ranch and go into the goat stable. Walk to the end and you will see the postman curled up. If you speak to him, he’ll complain about a goat eating a letter. You can also find him in Telma’s bar in the far right near the shelves. He’ll be wondering what to order, suggesting meat. You can also find him in the Eldin Inn in Kakariko. Walk past the counter to the small room with the fire; he’ll be complaining about wet letters. The postman makes another appearance behind the thron in Zora Domain. He’ll be complaining the letter was sent to a Mr. Zora. Thus far, these are the only four locations we’ve found him, although we are expecting to find few more.

A Shout Out to America
Go to Castle Town and enter the home of Jovani and use “C” to look around at the photos. Look at the smaller framed photos and you will notice something very similar about them. Looking closely, you’ll notice they are blotchy resemblances of American icons including George Washington, a younger Abraham Lincoln, and even Susan B Anthony. We should make note we are not certain if these are only available in the North American release, however either way it’s something to look into. I guess we American’s had more effect then causing a Japanese society full of crazy lights.

Another Mario Shout Out
Look at the Cannon operators left hand sleeve to see a good friend, the bullet bill, appear in the fabric.

Create Giant Pumpkins
Well, they won’t be that huge, but it’s fun to try.  Capture a bottle of water from any stream, lake, what be you, then take it to Ordon.  Water any of the pumpkins in the small pumpkin patch to cause it to grow to about three times the normal size.