Zeldasages.com Review by Webmaster Bob

Walking through the deep wood ridding upon his noble horse Link searches to find his old companion Navi in a remote corner of the Lost Woods. Little does he know he will soon be drawn into the adventure who could have never imagined. A ominous death clock races above the land of Termina slowly awaiting Apocalypse. Link must stop the Apocalypse and the evil force which is Majora’s Mask.

The Story is very simple, Link is in the Lost Woods, is attacked by a strange creature, has everything stolen, falls into a pit of doom, is cursed…well OK maybe not so simple. Majora’s Mask is founded upon the principle of time. The story of Majora’s Mask can’t exactly even be explained as it is as well caught in such a wire. Here are the basics though. Link is cursed transforming him into a deku shrub. Meeting a strange mask salesmen who agrees to help Link in return for a strange mask called Majora’s Mask. Now obviously Link is freed from his bondage and must use the power of masks to advance through the game. Many, if not all the games scripted events involve masks. However, behind what looks like a normal Zelda game is a dark horrific story. As simple as it may seem Majora’s Mask is a really dark game full of death, suffering, betrayal, agony, and impending doom. If I were to say much else about the story it would ruin the plot, but look and study the character leads well and you will learn a fantastically almost Edgar Allen Poe like tale that is thrilling from beginning until end. However, some of these elements are hard to understand or interpret. Some key character information can only be revealed by completing the game with every mask, however even these explenations can become odd if you are not very good at remembering game cutscenes. So, the story receives a 9/10.

What would be a Legend of Zelda game without gameplay? Nintendo has really done it again with innovation in so many fields. First, there is the initial three day time. Link is trapped in this three day cycle to save Termina until he does so. Playing through events differently and making different decisions is really just half the fun. However, traveling back in time or letting the Apocalypse accrue will strip you of all your items, however Nintendo being intelligent relished a few things. Luckily, you keep all your items (however your stock amounts are set to zero, as well as cash) you keep all your masks, and luckily boss remains. Fighting the dungeon bosses throughout the game trigger key plot events, so Nintendo knowing you wouldn’t want to trudge through a dungeon again to activate one special event included the boss remains to instantly be transported to the boss room if you have beaten that temple. Heck, I even found it fun just fighting the bosses again.

Another great aspect of gameplay are the masks themselves. Some of them are almost pointless and used to gain a heart piece or activate an event. Some masks however change the very way you play the game. As an example, there are several transformation masks throughout the game. These masks turn you into things from Zora’s to giants. Now whoever wanted to see Link act like King Kong WE FINALLY HAVE OUR CHANCE! The masks help you solve puzzles to give you extra abilities such as inproved scent, speed, and yes…….dancing. The game in it’s own right is one of the most innovative Zelda games on the market. However, the only place the gameplay falls short is the length of your adventure. Even with all the subquests done the game is not very long at all, and that annoys me because if it was only longer it would be the best Zelda game to date, but alas… 9/10.

The sound in this game much like Ocarina of Time is simply put, amazing. From the catchy Hyrule Field remix (Termina Field) to the Ocarina songs sound has never been better. As with Ocarina music plays a very large part in the game setting mood to songs played on your Ocarina/Guitar/Drums/Pipe Organ. Everything is truly a treat for the ears. All in all superior music. 10/10.

Not very important on the gaming rector scale, but still holds value. The graphics of Majora’s Mask will not disappoint. From the use of the N64 expansion pack Link looks better then he did in Ocarina of Time. Textures are smoother, everything has a bit more detail, and in many of the icons Nintendo got very fine and detailed. There’s not much I can say here, the effects are very nice………fine be that way have your freaking 10/10!

Overall the Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask is a fine example of Zelda. Fun, innovative, while still using the classic formula we all know and love. Best of all Ganondorf is NOWHERE TO BE FOUND IN THIS GAME! It’s so wonderful to have no mention to him and be able to fight another evil don’t you think? The game is a bit more challenging than other Zelda games as it requires a tactical approach as well as a combat approach, time management, and quicker decision making. Even with the three day per time period restraint you will find ways to create loads of time for yourself to use as you please. Overall the game is a fine example and although some critiques argue against this game I for one see its potential and encourage any fan of Zelda new and old to give it a try.

*Scores weighed differently, total 100%*