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~Upon a stormy night some time ago a young boy does not rest in harmony as he passes the storm by within his home. He dreams of a restless event. A castle stands before him, drawbridge slowly opening while a beautiful young girl rides in terror from the castle. Then, before him stands a great dark figure so menacing and vile. Awakening from this dream from a simple fairy messenger this young boy will begin a journey he will never forget through the land of Hyrule, and time itself.~

The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time is considered by a great majority of Legend of Zelda fans to be the best Legend of Zelda game Nintendo has released. The game has also been honored numerous times being named the greatest game of all time by several independent magazines and websites. Ocarina of Time also won the 1999 Game of the Year award from the ESA that caused even more of a fan stir to emerge. The game itself is also a landmark in full 3D development and was, like A Link to the Past, a benchmark for games that followed. With a compelling story and immersion like never before experienced in a Legend of Zelda game, this N64 classic will always live in the hearts of Legend of Zelda fans as the defining game that created the fan base the series is known for today.