Avoid Action Scenes
Action scenes are those great forced battles that will accrue every time you cross into a special sector of Hyrule *such as crossing the Hylian Bridge*. These scenes tend to be very difficult, so why do them at all? To avoid these scenes simply wait for an enemy character to stand on the tile that will send you into the action screen. Immediately run and attack the enemy. Rather then an action scene, you will enter an enemy battle instead. Once you win the battle, you will appear at the same destination you would have if you were to go through the action scene.

Break Locks, no Keys Required
There will be many moments where you will end up scratching your head over the location of a single key. Why worry about the key when you can get around the door the cheaters way? Once you have the fairy spell, simply cast fairy to turn yourself into a fairy. At this point, you can fly through the keyhole to the other side, no key required.

Quick Save
As with the first Legend of Zelda, the only way to save the game is to receive a game over. To get around this, insert a second controller into the NES. Pause the game, and on the second controller push up and A at the same time. The save screen will appear, along with the niffy warning about turning off the power Nintendo neglected to place in the first Legend of Zelda :).

Warp Glitch
It is possible to jump above the vital statistics at the top of the screen in some battle areas. Using fairy or jump, find a platform to jump above the status bars. One you do this, you will be warped to a random area. The warp area is very random and depends upon several factors including where you performed this glitch and in what scenario you are in. Do not attempt this unless you are willing to reset the game if the warp dumps you somewhere where you become stuck.

Turn Link Blue
You thought that Link was blue enough from all this adventuring; well we can make him even further blue.  Enter any town and equip the shield spell.  While standing in front of a townsperson, cast shield, and immediately speak to them.  If done correctly, link will have turned a blue color.  The color resets once you leave the town, of course it’s always nice to see odd things happen to our hero.