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It has been months since our hero has slain the evil Ganondorf, leaving Hyrule under the ocean depths. Tetra and the pirate gang have been prowling the seas in search for a new life, a new land. Yet, a sudden fog encases the party revealing a vile ghost ship from the mist. Tetra refuses to let the ship by without investigation and thus began a journey for our hero through the very mists of Hell.

The Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass has received wide praise for its unique stylus only control system and continuation of Wind Waker’s cartoon graphics look. Phantom Hourglass has been noted as being one of the most in-depth storylines as far as character development is concerned within the Legend of Zelda series. Early reviews would set Phantom Hourglass apart from the pack with these distinguishing characteristics as well as high praise on making great use of the functionality of the Nintendo DS. Phantom Hourglass is also the first Zelda game to receive full support for online play through a creative battle mode in which both achievements and bragging rights can be earned.