Zeldasages.com review by Webmaster Bob

Upon a stormy night some time ago a young boy does not rest in harmony as he passes the storm by within his home.  He dreams of a restless event.  A castle stands before him, drawbridge slowly opening while a beautiful young girl rides in terror from the castle.  Then, before him stands a great dark figure so menacing and vile.  Awakening from this dream from a simple fairy messenger this young boy will begin a journey he will never forget through the land of Hyrule, and time itself.

The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time openly defines a new meaning to the term “game” in more ways then one.  Ocarina of Times story is rich in detail, complex, heartbreaking, dramatic, and just beautiful.  Nothing can truly describe the storyline in any other way.  Ocarina of Time introduced the very types of stories games still follow today, in depth, dramatic, thought provoking.  The game begins slowly with a simple knowledge of a strange vision of a young Kokiril Link who is summoned to do a task for the Great Deku Tree.  Not far into the future an entire plot erupts concerning the fate of the very land of Hyrule which for anyone who has never played this game before I will not spoil.  Everything is truly built dramatically though from the first experience of death to the chills of the coming of Link’s vision.  The only score we can ever consider giving the games story is a 10/10.  

The gameplay has had a huge redoing since the days of older titles.  Now that the legend has entered the three dimensional world.  Link can move everywhere, climb on ledges, blocks, a free moving Link is a good Link.  Along with this is a very good implementation of a new system called the “Z targeting” system to make the game easier to play.  Essentially, pressing the Z button will target a friend or foe allowing different actions such as attacking, speaking, and all the rest.  Obviously you can really go through almost the entire game without using the Z target system, heck there will be a point in the game where the game will reward those who have learned to not always target as there will be a point where targeting becomes unavailable (won’t say where).  Along with this there is truly far to much to list on a single page.  To customization, switching swords, shields, boots, new items like the Lens of Truth and new uses for the old the general aspect of gameplay is truly astonishing.  Even added more are the monstrous boss battles, epic duals, implementation of an entire use and back story for one of the most curious items the Ocarina and just so much more. Truly it is something that must be experienced to appreciate.  It would be a horrible sin to not award the gameplay a 10/10.   

From the sound of clashing swords to the bubbling fire of Death Mountain to the beautiful sounds of the game’s symphony the tunes of Ocarina of Time will be singing in your ears for years to come.  The music within the game is truly something to be heard.  For the first time in the series there is a track for everything.  When I mean this I am saying there is a different track for say “Inside the Great Deku Tree” then from “Dudongos Cavern”.   In tune with this are the catchy songs playable on the Ocarina.  Music plays an incredibly large role in the game and thus the developers were certain that great scores were created.  Truly nothing else can describe the sounds of the game other then a 10/10.  

Well, there is certainly a large leap forward from the days of the second dimension.  Very well crafted full 3D everything makes for a beautiful new set of experiences to feel.  How are the graphics in a nutshell, they look good……very very good.  As always this is or least talked about section of any game however before I just run out and give this game a perfect score I just simply need to say there has been such a large improvement from the realm of the second dimension to this new fangled 3D you have to see it to believe it.  10/10

The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time is simply a masterpiece.  As of at least the posting of this review it is still considered to be the greatest Legend of Zelda creation to ever grace the televisions of millions of players.  From the complexity to the twisting story, to simply the way characters act and behave the Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time has something to offer every fan.  If you aren’t already a fan of the series Ocarina of Time will truly change your tone.

*Scores weighed differently, total 100%*