Hidden Sculptures/Pictures in Nintendo Gallery
ook behind Carlov the Sculpture in the Nintendo Gallery. He will have various masks from The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask as well as bottles of milk from Romani’s / Lon Lon Ranch. He also has a model of Tetra’s Pirate Ship

Terrain Glitch
Look out the windows on the left of the lady in the tea shop on Windfall Island. Outside you see trees and grass. Go outside and if you look where the windows faces, all that is there is the ocean.

Ganon’s Tower View:
The top of Ganon’s Tower, where the final battle takes place, can be seen from outside Hyrule Castle.

Suicidal Miniblins:
If you are being overwhelmed by Miniblins in a place where water is available, jump in. They are dumb enough to follow in you and die upon contact.

Easy Money
If you are need of rupees and you have completed the Wind Temple Quest, break the pots outside of the Molgera’s room. There are a good amount of rupees and they refill every time you leave the area.

Homicidal Zelda
When Zelda says to ready your shield in the final phase of the final battle, she means it. Light arrows can damage Link, so, if you feel the need to end Link’s life during the final fight but don’t want to fall at the hands of Ganondorf, here’s your way out :).

Easy way to kill Kargarocs when they are at a distance
In places where say, you need to pick off Kargarocs to get a seagull to a switch to unlock something, take out a pear to control a seagull and lure all of the Kargarocs out of their paths. Take them to Link, and release control. Use Link to take them out. It saves you arrows ^_^. *make sure you have more than one pear before attempting this*

Stalfoses other weakness
You don’t have to waste bombs on Stalfose’s to break them up. Repeatedly hitting them with a sword cuts them in half, which is humorous as the legs might run around frantically. Hitting the body again breaks it apart and you can hit the head. Also, using the boomerang stops the head from hopping around erratically.

Hero’s Charm
After giving the teacher 20 joy pendants for the cabana, give her twenty more and you will get the Hero’s Charm, which allows you to see the HP of any foe while wearing it.

Six Sages from OoT
In the room with the Master Sword, go around the perimeter of the room and you will see portraits of the Six Sages from Ocarina of Time.