Ah the original Legend of Zelda was chuck full of hidden goodies, what do you think made it so popular?  Here’s our master list of all the codes and secrets for the game.

Start Game on Second quest
Really, one of the most classic codes around and one of the few codes found in Zelda games. When creating your profile to play through the game name that profile Zelda. You will begin the game on the second quest.

Gaining easy money
A fairly simple secret. Throughout Hyrule there are statues to move, bushes to burn, and passages to find. Some of these will lead to a secret underground gamble. Here, you can choose one of three rubies which will award a different prize. To gain the highest ruby amount enter a few and remember which ruby holds the largest amount. After three visits you will learn the pattern and be able to distinguish the high paying ruby.

Defeat Gohma with ease
When fighting Gohma *the spider creature* get your bow ready for attack. Enter the room and immediately fire an arrow at Gohma and exit the room. After re-entering Gohma will be no more, saving yourself a hard battle.

Save without dying
In the original NES version of the game, you could only save your game progress after dying. However, there is small secret to help get around this annoyance. Plug two NES controllers into you NES and play the game as normal. When you want to save your game on the controller in port one press start, and the controller in port two press the up arrow and A at the same time. This will bring up the save screen and save you a suicide mission.

Alternate Quest
An alternate quest *the second quest* exists in the game. If you don’t feel like cheating by using the Zelda code above, to unlock the second quest you must simply beat the game. After the credits roll by you will be asked to save. Once you do you will be able to start the game again, however the layout of Hyrule and dungeons will be very different and more challenging.