Zeldasages.com Review by Webmaster Bob

In the great Kingdom of Hyrule there is a legend of a great war. The great imprisoning war as it was known caused an evil foe Ganon to be sealed away in the Sacred Realm. However, there he was able to find the Triforce and turn this sacred place into a foul wasteland known as the Dark World. In the land of Hyrule almost overnight the king’s servant Agenom murders the king and takes control of the palace guards and the kingdom at whole. One by one Agenom sends maidens to the Dark World slowly weakening the seal that binds the worlds apart. There is only one hero strong enough to save the day…

Truly, the story of A Link to the Past again takes a huge leap forward from the previous games in the series. There is a very long double plot switching among itself which keeps the game very interesting. Just as well for the first time in a Zelda game the story plays the majority role in how the game is played out. You begin the game as Link sleeping in your uncle’s home. You are awoken by communication from a girl named Zelda. Your uncle tells you he is going to the castle and tells you to stay in the house. Obviously though the player will find it much more interesting an adventurous to explore. From the stormy night wondering to the castle to the grand match between Link and Ganon the story keeps punching again and again. Really, this was the first modern Zelda game, so all the millions of story extras and things of the sort exist and will keep you informed. So, for the breathtakingly good for the better turn on story we give this a 10/10.

A Link to the Past truly brings a new look on the gameplay. Turning away from the failed situation of the Adventure of Link Zelda returns to its roots, the overworld view. Not only does this make the game far more enjoyable Nintendo truly improved the gameplay from the NES era. With the power of the SNES they added not just more of a story but more dungeons, more items, more everything. From new enemies to fight the the mind rendering puzzles everything has truly been modernized. Everything from boss fights to completing side quests have become very elaborate. Link still controls much like he did from the original game, however new moves and ability’s like the swinging blade attack. The wide variety of new items and uses for the old also keeps the game fun and entertaining. The game also offers a vast new landscape to explore in both a light and dark world which also adds great depth to the experience. Simply put, the gameplay is greatly improved from the NES series of games and is simply the best route Nintendo could have taken. So, for gameplay, we award a 10/10.

The sound in A Link to the Past is truly magnificent. Not only is it a huge improvement from the beeps of the 8 bit days but the score includes many pieces that exist souly from this game such as the Hyrule Castle theme, to Kakarike Village all the way to the ominous sound of Ganondorf. Everything is very well composed and fits in very well with the game. The sound is very clear and exact along with many catchy tunes which will become present in games to follow earns the games sound a… 10/10.

Now, a while ago we had about 8 bits meaning we could really only use a small definition of colors and shapes along with size of the sprites. Now that we moved into the new era of the SNES the Legend of Zelda has gone into what is very well now considered the standard for any 2D game. Everything is colorful and detailed. From the wonderfully executed effects to the world itself everything is truly remarkable. Again, the world can never say much about graphics except ouh look pretty, so we give this game a 10/10.

Well, if you go down the list of scores this is a pretty straight forward answer. This game set the standard for Zelda games for years to come after it. Everything is simply put, amazing. From all the secrets to the great land to explore this is truly hailed as a masterpiece. There is really not that much to say except buy it….BUY IT NOW! We mean this with all sincerity, any fan of the Legend of Zelda series should not be left without this somewhere in their collection.

*Scores weighed differently total 100%*