~Called by the triforce our hero is sent to a strange world known as Holodrum. There, he sees a beautiful women resembling a goddess, Din. This beautiful dancer whimsically prances among the stage, only to be interrupted by a brute man by the name of Onyx. Little did our hero know this women was the Oracle of the Seasons, leaving it only to he to restore the seasons of Holodrum and stop the evil Onyx in his vile plan.~

The Legend of Zelda Oracle of the Seasons was one of two oracle games released for the GameBoy Color system. Oracle of the Seasons was generally the more popular game, most notably the game cartridge and box being red which seems to sell well to the younger male crowd. Oracle of the Seasons was also considered the easier of the two oracle games. Those who would beat one of the oracle games were given a password to use in Ages or Seasons to unlock a special final battle upon completing the other oracle game to tie up the story.