Gain Entry to thief’s hideout before night 3
Go to the Bandit’s Hideout on any day and equip the Bunny Hood. Once equipped go toward the large rock that blocks the entrance to the hideout. Stand at about a 45 degree angle to the crack on the right side of the rock. Back up, then run into the crack. One of three things will happen, one is it won’t work, keep running into the crack for a few seconds and see if it works if not try again. The second is you will fall into an abyss and will be sent to the beginning of Ikana Canyon. The best result is you will fall into the hideout.


Make Animals love you

Put on the Berman Mask and walk up to any animal (such as a dog) and begin to use the mask. The animal will follow you as if you were its master.

See King Ikana say a strange message

King Igos du Ikana is really a character of his own right, however ever wonder what he says to his good friends? Before you defeat King Ikana in his throne room dawn the Keeta Mask. When the king falls you’ll get a very interesting cutscene.

Hidden Mario faces
There are a few hidden faces from Mario games spread out and about the land of Termina. First, look on the large bag the mask salesmen is carrying inside the clock tower. You’ll see a very interesting face on one of the masks.

Also, be certain to take a look at Romani Ranch. Look around for Romani and look at her shall. You’ll see Bowsers ugly mug on it if you look closely enough.

Strange Smellable
Go to the Stock Pot Inn on any day and equip the Mask of Scents. Run upstairs and go to the room at the far end of the hallway where you can usually find the organ grinder at night. Take a look at his bed and you’ll see that his underwear is so dangerous it is considered fungis. This is also one of the places where you can acquire fungi for an alternate side quest.

Easy Money
There are multiple places throughout the land of Termina where you can acquire some quick cash in all sizes. The first, probably the easiest, is to go to East Clock Town and fire your arrows at the targets above the Honey and Darling shop. You’ll make a few quick bucks.

Also in Clock Town there are a few hidden chests full of a sweet 200 rupees each. Go to East Clock Town and enter the Bombers Hideout. Go down the path and swim to the left rather then going straight avoiding the spiders. You’ll see on your left hand side a small area for you to stand. Jump out of the water and use either the bomb mask or bombs to destroy the wall on the right hand side of this standing area. You’ll find a chest worth 200 rupees.

Next, also in East Clock Town, put on your Bunny Hood and run up the stairs near the Bombers Hideout. Sim ply jump across building tops, when you reach the Honey and Darling shop jump into the basket above the door then to the next platform. If all done correctly at the end of this course you will find a hidden 200 rupee chest.

Finally for our chests enter East Clock Town and enter the Stock Pot Inn. Go to the front desk on day one at about 3 in the afternoon and say you have a reservation. You will be given the keys to a room where there will be another 200 big ones waiting for you.

The other rupee locations around Termina include secret kills. If you kill a Like Like for example[le with the Light Arrows you will receive 50 rupees. There is also a section of Termina field in the shape of a familiar consolation. Also when in the Ikana Canyon graveyard try disposing of all the bats for a nice regard from Dampi. Finally, there are a few areas where randome Ocarina notes are printed on the rock walls of Termina Field. Playing the notes will gain you a few more rupees.

Launch Gossip Stones into space

Very simply place a bomb near these evil little things and they will begin to change colors and a countdown sequence. They will then launch into space away from you for a long time to come.

Receive Faries from Gossip Stones
Step up to any Gossip Stone and play the Song of Storms.

Secret Anji cutscene
If you have obtained the room key go to your room in the Stock Pot Inn on night two at about 11 at night and listen in to a secret conversation via the strange crack in the wall.

The Disappearing Great Fairy’s Sword
A strange but never the less funny trick. Go to Clock Town and try to mail your sword away. After rejection you will be holding your Great Fairy’s Sword, but it will be invisible.

Chickens attack
One of the oldest easter eggs in any Zelda game. Go to any chicken and whack it multiple times with the sword. After a while the bird will turn on you and he and his friends will take you out.

Make your own Army
When fighting Igos Du Ikana (King Ikana) he will first send his two solders after you. Switch on the Berman Mask and begin to play. The solders will obey and march with you as long as you continue to play the song. Congratulations, you’ve recruited two solders in the army of Link ;).

Hear classic Zelda tunes

When in the Great Bay area make a trip to Zora Hall. Dawn the Zora Mask to gain entry to many of the band members rooms. You’ll hear many familiar tunes practiced by each member of the Indigos.

Fix Signs
When cutting down a helpless sign why not do everyone a favor and put it back together? Play the Song of Healing in front of a broken sign and there you go, no Federal crime against Link any more.;)