New Legend of Zelda for 3DS

The Legend of Zelda game in question will take place in the world of A Link to the Past, returning to the traditional top-down Legend of Zelda gameplay. With that said, the game will not simply be a rehash of A Link to the Past. The new 3DS Zelda, title pending, is an entirely new game with a new story, 3D visuals, and new game mechanics. The most notable of these new game mechanics, Link will have the ability to turn himself into a 2D picture to walk along walls and certain obstacles. More likely than not this game mechanic will likely serve as a significant part of the story, as tends to be the case with Zelda games.

We don’t know much about this new Legend of Zelda title, but a few things are apparent. Although this is a 3D title, the game is rendered in the same art style A Link to the Past made famous. I must admit it was a little strange at first to see the LTTP art style in 3D, especially Link, but the game appears well-crafted. From the Nintendo Direct footage, it also appears that a number key spots during the LTTP era, such as the Witch’s Hut, will make a re-appearance for the first time in twenty years. So far as the story and other gameplay mechanics, we may need to wait until E3 to hear more information. Luckily, June isn’t that far away.

What are your thoughts? Are you excited, or would have rather seen something else?

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