E3 2014, This Happened…

First of all, long time no see!  I haven’t been great about updating Zelda Sages the past few months, but I hope to change that.  With graduate school and a full-time job, my life just hasn’t had a lot of free-time.  With that said, we have some great news for you today!

As many of you likely already know, E3 2014 will, yet again, be an E3 without a live Nintendo press event.  We’ll again be treated to a Nintendo Direct, but with a twist.  Nintendo has announced a large Smash Brothers tournament that will take place at Best Buy locations throughout the United States during the event.  The E3 broadcast is also being billed as a “Digital Event” that leads me to think there may be more than just the Smash Brothers event alongside a number of game announcements.

There’s also…this video.  Click the read more link to see what I’m talking about…

Zelda WiiU Bundle is Here

It’s new, it’s shiny, it’s available September 20th! Nintendo today announced the release of the WiiU Zelda Edition featuring two limited edition controllers, a free copy of Wind Waker HD, and more all for the price of about $300.00. You may be wondering how Wind Waker HD can be included in the set given its official release date of October. Nintendo is sweetening the deal by offer the game for free download to all those that purchase the bundle, two weeks prior to the official release date. There’s more to this bundle than meets the eye.

Gamespy and 1UP – Gone

I was just as shocked reading the news as you likely are (or rather currently are) reading this headline. Both Gamespy and 1Up have been shut down by parent corporations IGN Entertainment due to, “the realities of a changing business”. It’s shocking, certainly, but not something unforeseeable because of the current shape of the world economy.