Gamespy and 1UP – Gone

I was just as shocked reading the news as you likely are (or rather currently are) reading this headline. Both Gamespy and 1Up have been shut down by parent corporations IGN Entertainment due to, “the realities of a changing business”. It’s shocking, certainly, but not something unforeseeable because of the current shape of the world economy.

2013: Year of the Luigi

With the Nintendo Direct last Thursday, Nintendo brought forth a great deal of news. Iwata announced that this year is being put forth as the “Year of Luigi,” with a series of games involving the often-overshadowed Mario brother coming to be released this year. Nintendo also discussed a great deal more regarding the near future of the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS.

Wind Waker HD – What’s In Store?

It would seem that a chunk of E3 broke off and rolled down the hill to meet us a bit early this year. Among the slew of first and second party title announcements that where revealed to us during this January’s Nintendo Direct was not one, but two distinct Zelda titles. While the prospect of a new, original Zelda title for the Wii U that will supposedly be a “newborn” Zelda experience is certainly an exciting one, there is no doubt the fans responded a bit more fervently to the breathtaking visuals from the stills shown from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker remake in HD for the Wii U. In a situation analogous to the paring of the Ocarina of Time remake and Skyward Sword, it would seem that this Wind Waker remake will serve as buffer between now and the distant, but impending new Zelda title for the Wii U.

Status Update: Forum Move Nearly Complete

UPDATE Jan 30: Because of an issue with cross site integration, we were unable to start the final move on-time. We expect to start the final move Jan 31 or Feb 1. Thank you all!

UPDATE Jan 27: We are still working on some aspects of the forum and fixing a few things in the new site design before we move forward. It is anticipated that these changes will be complete, by the latest, Monday, and we can move forward with the rest of the move. Thanks for your patience!

Good news! All the forum content, and all your accounts for that matter, are safe and sound running on the new board software.

We’re still here, Promise

Yes, we’re still here! I want to apologize for our prolonged absence. All the staff have been rather busy with school work, and other such activities.  With that said, we do have some very good, exciting news. After several years of delays, setbacks, and breakdowns I’ve made the executive decision to upgrade Zelda Sages to our new site design / sometime in the next few weeks. Please read the rest of the article to see what exactly this means for you and what kind of content we will be launching with.