ZS Site Upgraded

Hello to all!  It’s been a rather long time since we’ve published, well, anything.  First, the primary purpose of this article is to alert you that we’ve upgraded our backend systems.  For those of you that visit the site often you’ll notice a number of improvements relating to speed, usability, and design.  Please purge your cache!  If you don’t purge your cache, some site features (notably the news slider) will not function correctly.

As a second item, I want to apologize for the lack of new content and updates over the last year.  To be blunt I just haven’t had the time to invest in Zelda Sages that I’ve had in the past, and it being my final semester of graduate school I’ve had little time even to perform this very necessary upgrade.  Once things calm down I’ll be able to resume normal operations and kick the staff back into shape!  In the meantime, we do check the forums.  Be sure to drop by and say hello.

Published by webmasterbob