Zelda Sages on Hiatus

Many of you have, I imagine, already seen that ZS is on hiatus, hibernating if you will, if you’re seeing this post. There’s not much beyond what I’ve already said on the home page or in this announcement on the forums. In a sense we were already not as active anyway, as evident by our last new update from 2015 (almost 7 years ago). A lot has happened.

Breath of the Wild anyone? The best Zelda game since Ocarina of Time? OK, most Zelda games are pretty awesome. Maybe I won’t start controversy in our last new item for a while, ever, or what have you.

I do want to say how much the staff and I appreciate everyone’s participation over the years, including those who just read our material. The Forums are still open for business, and if you’d like an account please feel free to get in touch with us. I’ve turned off user registration because of the constant onslaught of spam bots we receive.

Until next time!

Published by webmasterbob